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What makes the most comfortable headwear for cancer patients?

When selecting headwear for somebody who has lost their hair due to chemotherapy it is important to not only think of the aesthetic aspect but to also keep in mind that Chemo induced hair loss often results in a very sensitive scalp. For this reason, soft, breathable headwear that fits well on a head with no hair is the best choice.

Remember that a head with no hair can be up to 3-4 cm smaller in diameter than a head with hair and therefor regular shop bought hats often don’t fit well on a head with no hair. The best place to find soft headwear for a chemo or Alopecia patient is from a retailer that specializes in headwear for hair loss, where the products are uniquely designed and sized to fit heads with no hair. These chemo hats are generally designed to cover the entire natural hairline to make hair loss less obvious.

Another thing to consider when selecting headwear for somebody with no hair is that they will probably wear the headwear inside as well as outside the house. They will opt for headwear rather than a wig, so the hat becomes their hair in a sense. Everyone should have a great sunhat, but they are generally not suitable for indoor use. Look for something soft but not too hot, something with a high natural fibre content. Specialist shops sell cotton beanies often called chemo caps or sleep caps. These are great to wear in, out, day our night. They can be dressed up with a scarf or headband for variety. sells these with a UPF factor > 50, which makes them fantastic to wear under a sunhat when spending time in the sun. They are produced in South Africa, from locally manufactured fabric.

It is important to consider the thickness and feel of the fabric, what it is made from and where it comes from. Cheap imports often contain carcinogenic, hormone disruptive, toxic, or harmful chemicals – not good for a sensitive scalp. The Cotton Lycra range of hats from carries the CANSA Smart Choice Seal, making it a sensible choice and giving the wearer peace of mind.

In a nutshell, focus on comfort and style. Look for hats made from fabric with a high natural fibre content that comes from a reputable company. The hats must be uniquely designed to fit a head with little or no hair and must cover the entire natural hairline. Try and find something that offers some UF protection as the hat will stand in as hair and will be worn in and out the house.

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