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Why a CompassionHat™?

What separates our hats from normal shop bought hats:

  1. Our hats are uniquely sized to fit a head with little or no hair.
  2. When you have lost your hair due to something like chemotherapy, you also lose the hair around your natural hairline. You would want a hat that covers the entire natural hairline to make the hair loss less obvious. Our hats not only cover the hairline in the front and on the sides of the head, but also offer a lower than normal fit in the back of the neck.
  3. Our hats fit securely and won’t be blown off by a breeze or even a strong wind.
  4. Great care is taken when choosing fabric for our hats. At the moment the only product not made from a natural fabric is the Fitted Headscarf because it is a cool option by design. The other hats are all made from fabric with at least a 95% cotton component to ensure comfort. Cotton breathes and is cool in summer and hot in winter.
  5. Our hats are designed to be very soft on the inside as a scalp can be very sensitive after chemo induced hair loss.
  6. Our Day/Night Chemo cap is very comfortable and light and a great option to wear during the period of hair loss as it traps the hair inside the hat for easy collection and reduces embarrassment caused by falling hair. It is designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in as the seams are away from the head.